Southlake Sister Cities Fast Facts

What is a Sister City relationship?

Sister City relationships are between municipal governments developed to identify and encourage cultural and economic relations between citizens.

How many Sister Cities does Southlake, Texas have?

The City of Southlake has entered into formal agreements recognized by Sister Cities International with two international cities.

What is the arrangement between the City of Southlake and Southlake Sister Cities?

Southlake Sister Cities operates through a service agreement with the City of Southlake to manage its Sister Cities program on behalf of its citizens. Southlake Sister Cities receives a percentage of its core budget from the City. The remainder of the organization’s budget is raised through individuals, corporation, foundations, and special events.

How many volunteers help make SSC successful?

Annually, 150 citizens of Southlake and the surrounding cities participate as members, volunteers and citizen ambassadors in the program.

What is the main goal of Southlake Sister Cities?

The main goal is mutually beneficial people-to-people exchanges.

How many Sister Cities programs exist?

Many cities in the United States have a sister cities program. You can learn more about Sister Cities International on the website at

What is a Friendship City?

Although the terms Sister City and Friendship City are often used interchangeably, a Friendship City relationship means a partnership that is more limited in scope.  Friendship City relationships are mayor-to-mayor agreements that do not require City Council approval. Southlake has a Friendship City relationship with Wuzhong, China.

How many visitors come to Southlake through the Sister Cities program?

SSC hosts nearly 30 to 50 visitors for programs and exchanges annually.

Does SSC provide financial assistance?

At this time, SSC offers up to two scholarships for graduating high school seniors. For a scholarship application, go to the scholarship application section of our website.

How does the community benefit from Sister Cities?
  • Provides students with leadership skills preparing them for a global marketplace
  • Helps strengthen America’s international relationships
  • Helps create a more peaceful world today and for the future eliminating misunderstanding and prejudices that lead to conflict
How can I participate in SSC activities?

Join Southlake Sister Cities today as a member or become a volunteer!