Wuzhong District, China

In November 2010 Southlake established a Friendship City relationship with Suzhou Wuzhong District, China. Wuzhong District (simplified Chinese: 吴中区; traditional Chinese: 吳中區; pinyin: Wúzhōng Qū) is one of seven urban districts of Suzhou, Jiangsu province, China. It is located in the southern part of Suzhou and is next to Taihu Lake, has a land area of 770 km² and a population just under 590,000. The District is developing advanced manufacturing industry, a modern service industry, new and hi-tech industry and modern ecological agriculture.

Through the relationship and coordination of Southlake Sister Cities, Variosystems of Southlake entered into an agreement with Wuzhong Economic Development Zone to construct a new manufacturing facility in Wuzhong. As a result of another Southlake delegation, including the Mayor and CISD Assistant Superintendent, a visit in November 2011 discussed education exchange programs with CISD and Wuzhong Education Bureau signing a memorandum of understanding for education cooperation between Southlake and Wuzhong.

As of today, we continue our relationship through our Youth Ambassador and Adult Delegation Program.