Youth Ambassador to China

 Southlake Youth Ambassadors to Wuzhong, China        **** ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE ***


Serving as a SSC Youth Ambassador provides the opportunity for global friendship and a life-changing experience while fulfilling and underscoring the mission of the Sister Cities International program of “bringing the world together through education and cultural exchange.” The SSC Youth Ambassador Program offers the youth of Southlake an opportunity to represent our city as a Youth Ambassador to Southlake’s Friendship City – Suzhou Wuzhong District, China. The youth ambassadors and Southlake City appointed chaperone(s) are immersed in a cultural experience while living with host families and experiencing a variety of activities planned by the city, schools and their hosts.

If you would like to participate in this wonderful program, We are now accepting applications (w/ no payment) no later than —

China Application 

**Please submit ONLY application.

* Eligibility: Southlake Sister Cities members ages between 14 and 18.

* Each member must hold a valid Chinese visa on arrival. SSC will be assisted in obtaining Visa to China, if you don’t already have one.                                                                                                              
* For more information please contact us.