Youth Board of Directors

The Youth Board of Directors is composed of four officers and seven committee chairs elected annually. The officers appoint additional committee members to serve on the board in a variety of capacities. Our Youth Board will be lead and participating in community service projects through out the year which also include; Local Art Contest,  Lantern Workshop/Walk, Young Artist Contest, Reading at The Library, Keep Southlake Beautiful, Hosting Exchange students, Celebrate Southlake, Farewell Banquets, and Year-end Celebration.

President – Surina Kishinchandani

Vice President – Alex Patton

Secretary – Bryce Inouye

Events Coordinator – Sanvi Kishinchandani

Artwork Committee Chair – Allison Bedwell

Senior High School Liaison Chair – Sarah Abramovitz

Special Events Chair –  Rahul Matthews

Social Media Chair – Adrien Auyeung

Student Ambassador Chair – Nicole Beres

Previous Youth Board of Director;

2020-21 President:  Alex Beres, VP: Alyssa Dumas, Event Coordinator: Kaitlyn Guesner, Secretary:  Byrce Inouye Committee Chairs: YAAS: Kyleigh Tucholski, Social Media:  Adrian A., Sr HS Liaison: Noah Hill, HS Liaison: Ryan Brannigan, Student Ambassador Events:  Surina , Special Events: Alex Patton, Street Cleanups: Alyssa Tucholski

2019-20 President – Isabelle LeBlanc, Vice President – Andrew Mayfield, Secretary – Anna Ponzo, Event Coordinator – Noah Hill, Keeping Southlake Beautiful – Cailyn Midkiff, CHS Liaison – Kaitlyn Guesner, CSHS Liaison – Alex Beres, Social Media – Morgan Chocolek, Southlake Young Artist Contest – Sachi Kishinchandani, Special Events – Olivia LeBlanc, Student Ambassador Event – Surina Kishinchandani, Home Coming Parade/Carnival – OPEN

2018-19 President – Sophia LeBlanc, 1st Vice President – Ben Brown, 2nd Vice President – Isabelle LeBlanc, Secretary – Caitlyn Midkiff, Historian – Sachi Kishkin ,Appointees;  Anna Ponzo, Ty Ponzo

Officers Prior to 2017– Devon Bussell, Christopher Cunningham, Sahara Stolze