Youth Board of Directors

The Southlake Sister Cities Youth Board of Directors is composed of Officers and Committee Chairs who are elected annually. The Youth Board will lead and participate in community service projects and many other activities.


2024-2025 SSC Youth Board Elected


President                   Preston Inouye

First VP                      Hugo Duguay

Second VP                 Varun Mathews

Secretary                   Cameron Patel

Treasurer                   Ryan Vu

Board Members         Allison Bedwell, Katah Gunter, Darien Kawai

X-Officio                     Sanvi Kishinchandani



2023-2024 SSC Youth Board


President                      Sanvi Kishinchandani

VP1/Events                  Cameron Chin

VP2/Historian              Preston Inouye

Secretary                      Alison Bedwell 

Treasurer                      Hugo Duguay

Committee Chairs 

YAAS/Art                    Katah Gunter

Street Clean-up           Cameron Patel

FaceBook                    Rachel & Ryan Vu

Instagram                    Kate Ponzo & Miranda Downs

CSHS Liaison             Katah Gunter

CHS Liaison               Varun Mathews

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